False of Neowiz P ˝ Blood saw inspired but play is different ˝

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Soul-like action RPG developed by Neo wiz new P being false domestic as well as overseas interest emerged as the small. Most mentioned first game at the time of disclosure is index 'The Blood' in From software, there were many comments that have been visible in the video world and feels like play. The cohesion being Neo wiz under Round 8 studios develop games for the PD said enjoyed deeply impressed with the Blood, believe that these works are comparable to glory. In addition, he developed the game, and the blood was of course described Bios hock, was inspired etc. Dishonored.

However, he said false P is blood in the story and the world, as well as the gameplay aspects and traditional soul-like action RPG and is ready to show a distinct look. So apart from the crew did put the emphasis on what part? Round eight studio cohesion PD, looked example more about this in an interview with nochanggyu AD.

As Pinocchio lied go is a human

As before, the story is known to re-interpret the adventures of a fairy tale Pinocchio to cruel fairy tale for adults taste. It is because it deems to draw interest and attention to proper reason for ginseng Pinocchio material twisting the well-known story in an entirely different direction. Revealing part of this area is clearly more lying Pinocchio becoming a man who is also the subject story. This is the exact opposite when you are away from the original fairy tale and human lies. Cohesion PD is machine and there can not be a lie, there is a human who knows how to tell a lie. Walked in this direction, he said.

This story does not simply stop at the set. Progress varies widely depending on the path to deployment and how many lies did you play. Specific depending on whether the outermost PD is When the lying and the point of personality accumulation can measure a human degree depending on how moatneunga, the ending is determined according to the degree of said Rub lying, not people have never or sometimes the allies, and also opened a path through the lies that were locked in the old, he said.

Endings are divided into three types, added that if you want to see the whole story is recommended Recurrence play. 1 index per expected play time is about 30 hours, said internal test group (FIT) stage, the two recorded over six hours play time with reference to the stage. In addition, it said that currently is under development as a central single-player game, without considering the multiplayer element.

If the story is a re-interpretation of the well-known fairy tale of Pinocchio, worldview pursued different directions. Historical background of the falsity of P is the French Belle Époque. Belle Époque era is the French social, economic, technological, political flourished in the late 19th century to the early 20th century, the building that symbolizes the era now known as the Eiffel Tower in Paris attractions. Cohesion PD said, There are many cases of the blood of this Gothic works stand out and pointed cheap, representing the organism rather than a human statue, Stone architecture, he said, Belle Époque is oriented to practical culture of human-oriented and stands out the iron architecture. Space also takes advantage of the center of human life and culture, including shops, captured these parts in the game, he said.

LIES OF P  - Gameplay Trailer  - New PINOCCHIO Inspired SOULS LIKE Game

Why ginseng in the background somewhat unfamiliar Belle Époque era in Korea, because it is also not covered a lot of older games, movies, etc. The P lies well eoulrimyeonseo. Choir PD is medieval and SF is Diego much borrowed from existing games and movies, in the 19th century neomeowa also steam punk or diesel punk, United States of Europe Wild Wild West is so well known, he said the game is unique and distinctive strong chose the Belle Époque want to recognize the direction we wanted, he said.

But the world is not well taken as the Belle Époque like Beaten Pinocchio story. Belle Époque is an 'all-round technical note' hariraneun technology greatly developed, but when science and technology have solved everything was widespread. The crew overturned a world of self-destruction due to technical Belle Époque was a shining period with the technology.

Nochanggyu AD, Crowley bit during that game the main stage will replace human labor doll called 'automatic dolls. Like Belle Époque era technology is inside optimism spread hariraneun solve everything, said, One can not know the disease outbreak day to thousands of people died, and the situation also occurs automatically doll rebelled harming people. Among these stories begin and unfold the exact opposite of the Belle Époque era known as the original, he said.

Available similar 'character build-up of the path exciter Giles

Funny choice does not end in the storytelling. Even characters grow and strengthen a direct impact on the fight given the option of several branches. Choir PD is Soul Like the crew of the idea is the genre that requires careful selection and judgment of the user, rather than the fuselage vision or improvisation, physical. Often after the selection of the glass so far, the level of the seat rises, as represented, it is the essence of that soul-like a good idea to consistently make when selecting, he says.

Therefore, also in false stories, as well as the Battle of P throws consistently choices to the user. It is to widen the choices in the battle area larger Gaia 3. First, the mechanical arm of a Pinocchio character which was released in the video. The game bureuneunde as 'slave arm', basically divided into eight kinds and can be upgraded in multiple directions through enhanced. Cohesion PD is slave arm is equipment that can be used to mix all know the skill beyond weapons. When enhanced performance is strong, the existing and evolving skill patterns. Therefore, it is important to select the slave arm fits my style, explained that

Here called 'P institution' skill tree similar to the path of a body modification on ex Giles elements. Choir PD is P of the engine is a key to start the internal organs Pinocchio. We expect it to weave a strategy to suit your taste can be up to select the effect you want to build your character and will be important, he said.

Finally, the equipment is refurbished. P false and has appeared in nearly 30 kinds of weapons, it is possible to create a new weapon in combination with other weapons. Cohesion PD said, there are weapons with special abilities, and considering the combination with different weapons can produce a weapon hundreds of species. Therefore, the combination of it, said important weapon to visit the weapon and combination for me, it looks as well as performance and attacked the motion, the pattern is different, when we disassembled the weapon in combination with other types have yet to put a different result in the hand he said.

In summary, it is dying game River 'is a distinctive point of P is the story of the crew widened the choices in the growth and combat, story development on the natural features of the Soul-like false. Cohesion PD is how a user accepts a given task, it is playing a key way to make trouble Mali any strategy, said Soul Like the default options as lowering the difficulty level features a Spicy difficulty 'will not be provided. However, if you play rating system and take advantage of a variety of content in the game in the course of the rising was designed so that you can experience difficulty relatively low, he says.

False P is under development as PC and console titles, the console PS5, but considering only the Xbox series, X / S said called device penetration being low, the previous generation of PS4 and also review Xbox One. Initial planning began in earnest in progress, but the development is for one year two years ago, the current completion percentage is 50%. Just in time for the launch he said it is difficult to talk in detail yet. Choir PD is reservation sales, but it is difficult to think in the second half of next year deurigineun said specific release schedule. Said groups caught hold quenching period based on the trend of producers 'quality over quantity' seems to be able to determine the next year should production conditions.


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