These are the three most used Skins in Fortnite: the winner is good, beautiful and cheap

Fortnite has done many things well and that is why it has become a social phenomenon in general, that everyone knows even if it does not follow the world of video games directly. The game Epic Games has around you many curiosities, and we are going to focus on one of them related to your characters skins.

The BOOK medium echoing which is the most popular skins of Battle Royale, thanks to the information they get the game data miners and that Epic Games has not officialized. Everything paints that chapter 2 will remain with the Top 3 of Skins that we are going to bring you next.

30 Fortnite CHAPTER 3 Battlepass Skins WE NEED!

In number three stays Takashi Ha take, from Naruto's universe, stays in third position with 2.8%. The second goes for Charlotte, an epic outfit of Fortnite and at the top is Aura, with 4.8% of players who use this Skin that costs 800 turkeys in the game, the official currency of Fortnite.

Aura is a regular in Fortnite's games and returns to the top. Epic Games regulates his presence in the store, appearing and disappearing because he knows that he is liked to be desired. The community loves it and, its economical price urges that many users want to acquire it to splurge style while trying to overcome.