Abandoned is shown in a new image and its creators return to promise news soon

They Lost Their Dream! ~ Abandoned 18th Century Wedding Castle Abandoned has been one of the greatest speakers of this 2021 that is about to end. And, as a means of communication, we have to assume our part of guilt; Although our main work is to report content of interest and this, for weeks, it was. Now, HASAN AHRIMAN Her Creator-Or supposedly-, he has promised that soon there will be news about the game.

The creative has put a post-pose semi in which he asks for patience to the community and that, although the toxicity generated around abandoned has caused them stress, are working hard to be able to deliver something that can be enjoyed, beyond That 5-second teaser who was taught in August.

Now, the official game of the game has shared a new picture of the game, in which they promise that the technical demo will be available with the Mealtime App soon, and that they will notify when the patch is ready.

Abandoned generated a lot of stirs because many linked their development to Video Kolyma, one of the greatest creatives of the industry; Although from Blue Box, developers of the work, denied it. The same with the information indicated that it would be a new Silent Hill.

They promised that they would teach new videos through an app for PS5 that was launched in August, but they only put a brief video that had already been filtered in networks. From there, they said that they would distribute more videos throughout August and nothing else was learned. Then they said they would show more details of the game before the end of the year and, well, we can consider the image that we see just above. And not even since PlayStation know what happens with this project.

The confidence of the community has declined with respect to abandoned because they have already missed their word on several occasions. We will see, if this time.


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