Dead by Daylight and to While True: Learn are already free at Epic Games Store, advertising more gifts on PC

Epic Games Store You have refreshed a while ago your list of video games for free, welcoming until next Thursday to Dead by Daylight and While True: Learn (). The first is an old one known among free games every week, an asymmetrical multiplayer terror adventure, while the second bet on offering the user a simulation title and puzzles on automatic learning.

The [B] Dead by Daylight [/ B + proposal takes four survivors to try to join forces to escape a fifth player in the role of a ruthless killer. The proposal premiered in 2015 giving relevance to a type of proposal that still today removing new approaches, as is the case of curious Dragon Ball: The Breakers in which seven common citizens have to face Villeins de la Saga.

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If otherwise you do not convince you this type of betting, at While True: Learn sells something different, a simulation game and puzzles that treats something even more enigmatic: automatic learning, neuronal networks, macro data and IA. Despite its unique premise, this development has been a whole Triumph in PC, accumulating in Steam hundreds of reviews with very positive assessments since its launch.

Next week there are already two new confirmed gifts. On the one hand the Looter-Slasher Godfall Challenger Edition, and for another Prison Architect. From 3DGEGOS we will continue attentive to other gifts now that the Christmas dates arrive.