Fortnite: The legendary technique of double pump is back in chapter 3

Is it about or not that Epic Games has reintroduced one of the most controversial mechanics in the history of Fortnite in the game? While thousands of players of all levels take their first new arrival in this new chapter 3, some analysts have pointed out something huge: potential return from the double pump shotgun.

In social networks, a player has published a convincing comparison on the fact that The use of two shotguns gives a better shooting cadence than with a single shotgun in this chapter 3. In other words, it is possible that the double pump technique returns through the large door for this season. And it is very far from being trivial, especially among the veterans of the game.

double pump is finally back...

In fact, the technique of double pumping allowed players to gain shooting cadence by changing the shotgun between each shot, instead of keeping the same weapon throughout the duel. Epic Games had begun a ruthless war against this method, which was then similar to an Error of Exploit. The development team pushed this unrealistic mechanism by using several successive changes in 2018.

Since then, the Double Pump technique had never resurfaced, until today. Apparently, Fortnite has begun left free to this millinery technique that it worked as well in the early years of Fortnite. Yes it is true that the game has changed both since its elimination that the situations in which this technique is used is much more limited or is not as effective as it was before, but still the double pump is a headache For new or less mechanical players of the multiplayer title. It seems that with the arrival of this old technique (since 2018 we did not see it), and the appearance of a map with chopped floors buried under the snow, it seems that Epic Games wants to attract all those people who enjoyed Fortnite and 4 years ago.

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