Fortnite: Trailer to Chapter 3 Apparently Jellact

The Start of Fortnite Chapter 3 is approaching: With the game event The End goodbye to the Battle Royale shooter on December 4 from the current Chapter. Numerous for Fortnite changes appear to be imminent, as a new trailer shows. On Twitter reported user cooper17571967 that he got to see the video as an advertising before a clip on TikTok. Anyone who wants to can watch the clip in embedded below tweet. For those that can not be spoilers and wants to wait until Saturday, should strike an arc around the clip. Data Miner assumes that there is a real video of Epic Games — and to not fake.

Attention, from here follow potential spoilers! In the video you get to see the protagonists Jones who looks in the water floating on a number of alien ships in the sky. He watches as the dice Queen turns the entire map. This triggers a large wave, which formally Jones rinses. Detailed views of the new Fortnite map does not allow the trailer, but suggests that with the start of Chapter 3 is a brand-new game world all waiting Fortnite player.

The video was the way charged according to the leakers iFireMonkey in the TikTok account sponsoredcontent16275, the Epic Games apparently uses on the video platform primarily for commercials. Therefore, the leaker believes that the trailer for Fortnite (now Buy €34.54) Chapter 3 to not fake is. More details about the new chapter are expected to follow in the coming days. Until then, you can still some things in the current Fortnite-season done.

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