Resident Evil 8: Details about possible Village Successor Apocalypse

Game Two is a German program produced considering that 2016 on video clip as well as computer system video games in behalf of radio. It is taken into consideration the follower task by Game One, which was ceased in December 2014. Considering that September 2, 2021, the shipment will additionally be relayed on Done beginning with episode 216.

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New rumors to the next part of the Resident Evil series have now appeared on the net. Already in June we reported on possible details on the successor of Resident Evil Village.

According to the new rumors, the new part should run under the Resident Evil Apocalypse work title and are still in an early stage of development.

Here is a list of details, which of course we can not check for your truth content.

Third-person survival horror experience with strict focus on the single player Innovative partner system possible. Who is your friend or enemy? A kind of trust system to find bioweapons under the team. Ghost town as a scene. The atmosphere will cause a deep urgent from the unknown and the horrors of the deep forest. Similar to the book Ritual. Characteristics of Resident Evil 2 and Outbreak to create a sense of gray. Old people's creatures like the Wendigo or the Zimmermann should occur. Last chapter to complete the stories of the old characters.

Planned publication: 2024


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