2: 0: Curious own goal crowns Spurs`

On April 11, 2017, mins from the beginning of the football suit of the UEFA Champions League quarter, a surge was reported near the German Football Club bus Borussia Dortmund. The bus took a trip to the Westfalenstadion Arena for the Ida Celebration of the Last Spaces versus the Association Sportive of Monaco Football Club in the Champions Organization. The German authorities was examining him as an effort at murder and also as a terrorist strike with possible Islamist involvement. With its socials media, the German club as well as the German police, announced the case that was 10 km from the Dortmund Arena. At the assault, the Spanish footballer of the Marc Barbra team was slightly injured. The cops discovered a letter from admitting the reality at the criminal offense scene, with clear radical Islamist fad. Finally, they found a German resident guilty recognized as SERGEI W. 28 years of ages, condemning him by murder attempt at 28 situations. The sentence is reduced than the application of the prosecution, which asked for continuous chain by the attack.

Thomas Tuchel brought on pages of the blues after 2: 2 against Liverpool six fresh forces from the beginning. Thiago Silva, Challah, Kane, Kovacs and Politic were replaced by Carr, Saul Miguel, Jericho, Zilch and Lusaka. The latter returned directly to the initial formation after his public criticism. Since there is also Timekeeper Wendy at the Africa Cup, Kept guarded the box. For the first time, Werner has been part of the Chelsea squad for the first time since 11 December, but took place for the time being on the bank.

Antonio Conte put on the opposite side after the narrow 1-0 success on New Year against Watford on two fresh personnel in the initial formation. Doherty and Banana started for Dear, who was missing in the bid and region (bank).

Thomas Tuchel's 4-2-2-2 OUTSMARTS Antonio Conte's Spurs | Ziyech REBORN and Saul COMEBACK

Antonio Contest return to the Stamford Bridge could not have started worse. The Spurs fell the start and cashed for a ball loss in the game build-up the fast head hit by Hertz, which marked his fifth hits in the third League Cup game (5.) — a less than in its 42 Premier League. Even after the early hits of the homeowners, the guests hardly found the dominant Chelsea in the game. According to AVERT 'awarded opportunity for a double pack (12th), the householders also took out some pace, but still occurred game-determining.

Banana prepares on the wrong side for Davies

The next opportunity could then record Rudder, but failed at the external network (33.). The second goal of the Blues described the performance of the Conte-Eleven quite good: After a cross from the right, the insecure tangent of about five meters in front of his own goal headed his teammate Davies, from whose body the ball crossed the line (34.). Before the pause whistle, Lusaka should still be used 3-0 (42.), before the Spurs saved with a 0: 2 residue in the catacombs.

Werner comes, but misses the Joker Gate

The side change experienced Hertz, the scorer to 1: 0, no longer on the grass and made room for Werner, who celebrated his comeback after his corona disease. After Tottenham showed something improved in the first few minutes, Chelsea took the game back in her hand, but Zilch (54.) and Werner disgusted in a promising position 3: 0 leadership (67.). The game was more and more attributable to pace with ongoing season, as Chelsea felt a little urge with the lead in the back to go into the risk. Nevertheless, Tottenham did not find the game and Zilch awarded the next chance to accommodate the ball in the goal (77.).

Chelsea did not burn anything and brought the 2-0 lead sovereign over time — the only exception was the first and last grand chance of the Spurs, but the KEPT thwarted (89.). Tottenham now goes with a difficult starting position to the second leg, which will take place next Wednesday, January 12th at 20.45. Previously, both teams are working on the weekend at the FA Cup: Chelsea welcomes on Saturday at 18.30 Chesterfield, Tottenham on Sunday at 3 pm the FC Forename.