Razer Tartarus Pro, the ultimate gamepad to

The keyboard + mouse combo is a must, but some players want to go even further. The Racer Tartarus Pro is a particular device that meets the requirements of the most picky players. At the moment, the Tartarus Pro is on sale on Amazon and Topcoat, with 40% off.

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TARTARUS PRO is a GAMING device of a new kind. It mixes in the same apparatus, a keyboard and an analog joystick. This allows you to control the spells and displacements with one hand. In MMORPG , this makes it possible to overcome tedious macro to associate an action with each key while moving using the joystick.

This version pro embarks Customizable keys a wheel, which has many action. The peculiarity of this model pro lies in its switches optics , ensuring a good feeling and even allow to adjust the activation sensitivity. In good gaming device, the RGB backlight is of the game, fully configurable key by key and synchronize with Racer Synapse.

Although the device is difficult to take control and tame, gains, once used, are real. Whether for a FPS or a MMO , once the Tartarus Pro tried , it's hard to do without it and come back to a traditional keyboard / mouse.

At the moment, the Tartarus Pro is on sale on Amazon and Topcoat, positioning itself at €89,99 in its white version instead of €149.99. It will be necessary to inform the code Diego to benefit from the promotion on Topcoat. This is a very good rate, corresponding to that of the basic version devoid of adjustable optical switches and less worked finishes.

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Discover the offer at Topcoat with the Code Diego

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If you want to discover the Gaming experience on the edge of the Tartarus , Racer has a more accessible model, Tartarus v2 . Digital of switches optics and made of a little more plastic materials, this model of Gamed offers a similar experience, allowing you to enjoy many shortcut keys and JOYSTICK.

Less expensive, this version is proposed at an indicative price of €89.99. At the moment, the black version of this Tartarus V2 is promoted at Amazon to €84,99 . It is therefore more interesting to opt for the Pro version that offers a more complete and reliable experience with its optical switches.

Discover the offer at Amazon


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