112: This number saves life

Everyone Dies When I'm a 911 Operator in the Wrong Country - 112 Operator The fact that the number of roads killed for years has fallen continuously has been continuously to do with the improved safety technology of modern cars. But also with a shortened rescue chain: Who earlier, in the mobile control of prehistory, accidental or even had an accident, often had to cover wide paths until the next phone - if that was possible in the background of any injuries ever.

Call free of charge

Today, however, you can quickly access your ph1. And hopefully knows which number it now arrives: on the 112 - the European emergency number, which can be called around the clock fire brigades, rescue services and police; Of course not only to traffic accidents, but also to other emergency situations. The calling creates no costs, because the phone call is free of charge.

Helps also in North America and South Africa

Important to know: The 112 is literally not only in Germany the number of choice, but in all EU Member States. But also European countries outside the EU use Switzerland, for example, Norway, Iceland, Turkey or Montenegro. Even in South Africa, help learn who to select the 112 via the ph1. In the US or Canada, the automatic forwarding takes place to the national emergency number 911.

Emergency number: better in the head

The advantage of standardization is obvious: Even abroad, in the case of a supplement, you should not have to research the saving number combination. "Having the emergency number in mind helps that no time is lost," says accident researcher Markus Eailhaaf from the Dekra.

What the control center has to know is summarized in the "W Questions": Where did the accident happen? What happened? Which injuries and what damage is there? How many people are affected? And finally: Who calls?

Incidentally, the question of the "Where" can also answer the control centers themselves by passing on the mobile phone of the calling places and its location to the forces. Therefore, it is important not to simply put on when the emergency call was provided: If the headquarters are not elucidated about the mistake, it can happen that they immediately send the rescue vehicles on the way.

Better stay in the line

If the help seeker hangs in a queue, he should necessarily keep the nerves and stay on the ph1. "Whoever calls and calls again, ends up at the end of the waiting list, so that the emergency call could cost unnecessary time," warning experts of ARAG legal protection insurance.

They also point out that it is not a good idea to call the 112 from JUX. "Anyone who deliberately uses the emergency call must expect a money or even imprisonment of up to a year," says. No sanctions threaten against it, if the emergency situation ultimately turns out less dramatically than the call ends initially feared.

The car calls the rescuers