Eintracht Frankfurt: Makoto Hasbe hangs another year

Routinier Makoto Hasbe from Eintracht Frankfurt will continue his career beyond the end of the season. The currently oldest player of the Bundesliga extended according to associations his expiring contract again by a year to summer 2023, then he will end his career at 39 years.

Immediately thereafter, Hasbe should move in the coaching staff, he already signed a contract until 2027.

"Frankfurt has become my homeland for me in recent years, the harmony of my club," Hasbe said, "I still feel fit and able to play football at a high level."

Sports Management Markus Krösche praised the Japanese as a "strategists and rest pole". Hasbe's skills would meet "despite his age-up claims of the Bundesliga", the 41-year-old led: "It is important to us that Makoto is preserved as a role model, important contact person and identification figure in the long term."

Hasbe changed in 2014 from the 1st FC Nuremberg to the Main and has since graduated from 256 games for the Eintracht. Despite its 38 years, he still takes over the role of the defense certificate in this season and is Deputy Captain Sebastian Rode.

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For occupational orientation for the time after the active career, Hasbe also participated in the Pilot Project "Players Pathway" of the German Football Federation (DFB).