Six young stars teams in use at the weekend

The next YoungStar's weekend is coming at the door: a total of six teams are required in the league, only the U17 has play free in the B-Junior Bundesliga. The team of coach Moritz Glasberner tests against the North Regional League JFV Northwest. On the other mandatory games we look in the provincial preliminary report.

U19 receives Fortuna Dusseldorf

The U19 receives at the weekend as a spreadsheet Fortuna Düsseldorf in the Provincial Young's Arena. "The mood in the team is of course top, we feel very well in the current table region and will have to invest a lot again on Sunday to stay there. We meet an opponent who is individually busy much stronger than it says the table, "knows coach Tobias Harink around the task waiting for his U19. As 14th, the Düsseldorf is currently on the first relegation place and urgently need the points. The resistance to the Düsseldorf is correspondingly large. "During the season, the guys noted that we only win games in the U19 Bundesliga if we come footballery and mentally to our performance limit. If that succeeds, we also trust a victory against Dusseldorf. "

U16 starts against the BVB, U15 meets Fortuna Cologne

After last two game failures, the U16 hopes now to finally get started in the league at the weekend. With a home game against Borussia Dortmund, however, everything else waits as a slight task on the young stars. Although the BVB is currently only sixth, with its catch-up games, but still in second place in the Westfalenliga table advanced. The U16 in turn wants to continue to collect diligently points in order not to get closer to the dangerous table regions. At home, the U15 is also required on the weekend, which welcomes Fortuna Cologne in the Provincial Young's Arena on Saturday (12:30). For both teams, it is only the second game in the relegation round. While the Eagle carriers won their first game, the Fortuna lost the MSV Duisburg.

U14 against Rödinghausen, U13 & U12 with city internal duels

After the match of the U15, the U14 (15 o'clock) is required on artificial turf when she hits the SV Rödinghausen. At least for the time being, the young eagle can take over the spreadsheet again, because Eintracht Rheine has play free. In order to create this, however, it requires a strong performance against a usual strong opponent from Ostwestfalen. The U13 meets to start the new year on Saturday (13:30 clock) on Münster 08, which U12 receives the 1st FC Gievenbeck in the youth arena.

The games in the overview


Team Payton Introductions - 2022 NBA Rising Stars Challenge 10:00 o'clock | SCP U12 - 1. FC Gievenbeck | Provincial Young's Arena

12:30 SCP U15 - Fortuna Cologne | Provincial Young's Arena

13:30 SC Münster 08 - SCP U12 | Sports facility Münster 08

3:00 pm | SCP U14 - SV Rödinghausen | Provincial Young's Arena


11:00 o'clock | SCP U16 - Borussia Dortmund | Sports plant Sprakel

13:00 SCP U19 - Fortuna Dusseldorf | Provincial Young's Arena


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