Batz: "Dreaming you can always"

Only against Primus Magdeburg at the beginning of the season His team could have gained so far, otherwise the FCS had "not yet beaten a big opponent," Koschinat said. In Braunschweig it was over with it. 2: 0 Plan the Saarlander the BTSV. "That we have done that now in the last quarter of the season is a sign of the team as well as the strength and character in the troupe."

The acted as in the past week against the SV Meppen (1: 0) with the newly formed triple chain from Dominik Becker, Lukas Beder and Steven Zellner. Thus, the defensive was again more stable and variable with the three game-strong internal protesters. And the defense series left in Braunschweig again no opposite goal.

You have to have the courage to bring this football to the place at the bottom of the table.

Uwe Koschinat

Koschinat was then "first proud of a very, very mature performance" as he emphasized "magenta sport". "We've just played a really good and ordered football in the first half," says the FCS coach, who was allowed to cheer the gate of Captain Manuel Zez in passage 1. "First of all, you have to have the courage to bring this football to the table at the bottom of the table," Koschinat continued, which I've been very impressed with him. In the first phase, we also have Braunschweig a bit shocked with our courageous way. They could not do that Pick up properly. "

DREAM OF BREAD - Find Out The Biblical Dream Meaning Stow now has the FCS, which made the 2-0 lid in series through Justin Steinkötter late in series. Now wait with the games against Halle and 1860 as well as the Derbys against Mannheim and Kaiserslautern trend-setting games with a view of the climb. "You can always dream," said goalkeeper Daniel Batz. As a new table greater, that is quite allowed.


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