Deciding finally fallen: Deshaun Watson changes to the Cleveland Browns

The one-year trade hanger round around Deshaun Watson is over: the quarterback that informed the Texans at the end of January 2021 about his trade desire leaves Houston and changes to the Cleveland Browns.

After previously the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints seemed in the final selection, Watson decided at short notice - and chose the Browns.

An explanation should be the new contract he receives at the Browns: Watson signs in Cleveland for five years and $ 230 million. The $ 230 million are completely guaranteed, so it's the highest warranty sum that has ever existed in an NFL contract.

And the trade package has it from Browns view: Cleveland pays three round-round picks (2022-2024), a third round pick (2023) and a four-round pick (2024). In return, next to Watson Houston's Five Round Pick 2024 is still to Cleveland.

Thus, it is also clear that Browns are now looking for a trade partner for their previous quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Watson: Civil Processes and lock continue in the room

By last week, Watson's allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault submitted by 22 massage therapists were still criminal proceedings during massage treatments.

Deshaun Watson meets with Cleveland Browns, talks Aaron Rodgers $150M deal — Colin | NFL | THE HERD On March 11, a Grand Jury decided that there was not enough evidence in the cases considered to justify a criminal procedure. As a result, the potential trade market for Watson ran hotly again.

However, quarterback also threatens a punishment and a suspension: the serious allegations and the corresponding civil law complaints against Watson remain. Even if he does not have to fear a prison sentence, it is still around 22 lawsuits.

Also, regardless of all legal decisions, he could be blocked from the NFL - if the league concludes that Watson does not behave appropriately according to the Code of Conduct of NFL.

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Watson played after his trade desire as well as a little later the serious allegations had become a single snap in the past season. He was not suspended, so was paid by the Texans regular, even if he did not work with the team or was active on the game day.


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