Joachim Streich: Fight against a serious illness

The GDR record shooter Joachim Streich fights with a serious illness. The 70-year-old tries to stay positive.

Joachim Streich "has come up with every situation". This once told the former GDR selection trainer Georg Buschner recognizing via his record shooters. Now the 70-year-old struggles with a serious illness. But even during this time he tries to make the best of everything.

Myelodysplastic syndrome - a disease of the bone marrow that can pass in leukemia. The diagnosis he already has longer, confirmed prank of the bild-Zeitung. But he attempts "to deal positively. Apart from the fact that I often feel smart, I succeed very well".

So far, string was renewed blood through transfusions in Magdeburg. Where the "Gerd Müller of the East" was hired in the 1970s and 1980s at the 1st FC Magdeburg. A doctor advised him after an investigation in the Leipzig University Hospital to a stem cell transplant.

Then, however, the setback: "Everything was prepared, I was already at a station," said prank: "But then a pneumonia came in between. I had to be released again. These were very bad days for me," said prank, who is now apparent a new appointment is waiting.

With his medical team, however, the former world-class scorer fighter "immediately in good hands". Maybe too, because he found a common topic with the director of hematology, "We talked a lot about football," said prank: "And he betrayed me that he saw a fan on the grandstand as I was still active "

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Prank: 229 Goals for Magdeburg and Hansa Rostock

At that time, as a prank recorded records for eternity. 55 goals in 102 games for the selection of the former GDR, a total of 229 results for Magdeburg and Hansa Rostock in the Oberliga. Three times he became a cup winner, twice a footballer of the year and took the scorer crown four times. With the GDR, prank also won the Olympic Bronze 1972, the 1976 Olympic victory in Montreal did he missed due to a key leg break.

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In the current situation, his "closest family and circle of friends" are beginning, said prank, who had been added to the Hall of Fame of the German Football Museum in Dortmund in November. However, he is thankful, but also the total unknown stem cell dispenser: "I know that I will never know who he is. But I pull the hat in front of him. Thank you!"