No Haaland decision

Tuesday night provided an ideal example of how vigorously it is currently in the rumor kitchen, which is concerned with the future of BVB striker Erling Haaland. While the Norwegian prepared with the Borussia on the catch-up game in Mainz, was reported in Spanish media, there was a meeting between the two clubbosses Florentino Perez (Real Madrid) and Hans-Joachim Watzke (BVB) in Madrid to transfer over a transfer To talk about the attacker - but that it did not exist after Haaland father information.

Almost at the same time, Haalands Landsmann Jan-Aage Fjörtoft, who is considered the friend of the BVB striker's family, to "Sky", FC Bayern wool the 21-year-old, while on the streaming service "Prime video" a statement ("they become from each other Benefit ") of the BVB consultant Matthias Sammer - which had previously stressed worry, nothing to know - was already interpreted as an unintentional confirmation of a Haaland change to Manchester City. Oh yes, at the weekend earlier, Barcelona's President Joan Laporte had gone out with his club from the bidding competition, before it was from the club, that was not really so mean.

Erling Haaland choosing between Manchester City, Real Madrid? | Premier League | NBC Sports Whether this abundance of messages, statements and speculation at least the often quoted "Team Haaland" around Raiola and his father Alf-Inge still has the overview?

The fact is that - stood today - neither Haaland itself, which is known to make use of an exit option in its contracted contract, still his consultant Mino Raiola has become imagined so far in Dortmund to announce a summer departure. Klubboss Watzke had said on 24 February, he expects a decision in four to six weeks. From Dortmund perspective, it would be the best with regard to the planning for the coming season, it would fall as quickly as possible - Haaland is currently not a reason to press the tube.

Also Haaland's father played at Mancy

From industry talks, however, a tendency can be read - and that goes towards the finish to Manchester City. From an annual earnings for Haaland of 25 million euros, there is the speech - net mind you. Then Sammer is likely to be related to Tuesday evening when he said, "I know City is behind. The numbers - I had a whiplash. My wife has set up me again." For the Citizens, in addition to the almost unlimited economic possibilities, an almost built-in title warranty and star coach Pep Guardiola also speaks the personal past of Haaland's father, who also played as a pro for Manciness.

The fact that the massive and spacious Haaland does not fit perfectly to Guardiola's play style at first glance, no excretion criterion must be. The enormous ambitious striker is known for working on his weaknesses until they are no more. Thus, before the current season, he successfully reduced his deficits with the right foot and the header game before the current season after the regular training sessions. Even Sammer, who worked with Guardiola in Munich, therefore does not expect problems, should actually come to a change of Haalands to Manciness. Both sides could rather learn from each other, he said at Amazon Prime.

In Mainz with Haaland

Dortmund's fans, at least that Haaland in his comeback against Bielefeld (1: 0) welcomed euphorically in the past Sunday, should slowly make up with the idea that it could no longer have too many opportunities for them, the exceptional player in the BVB jersey to cheer. The next after all, there is already on Wednesday evening when the BVB will start in Mainz. With Haaland. At least that's current.