No, Resident Evil Village will not get to Game Pass

A couple of days ago a rumor arose that aimed at the arrival of _ Resident Evil Village _ A Xbox Game Pass. Considering that several games of this series have been available in this service, many believed that it was only a matter of time before the most recent delivery in the franchise joined games like halo infinite. However, has been confirmed that this was only one error.

Through your official Twitter account, Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, Xbox Live Programming Director, noted that this was just an error, and The message that started these speculation, referred to a discount on the Microsoft Store This was what he commented:

"This was an error with the way a discount was shown for the title in Microsoft Store and since then it has been corrected. There are no current plans to take Resident Evil Village to Game Pass. "

It all started when a Polish site shared an image where RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE would arrive at Game Pass in the future. Unfortunately, Hryb has confirmed that this was just a mistake. However, considering the relationship that Xbox with Capcom has, the possibilities that this is a reality in the future are not null

On related topics, there is already a date for the Live Action series of Resident Evil. In the same way, your games of RESIDENT EVIL 2, 3 and 7 Yes can move to the new generation versions.

Editor's note:

Sony Playstation to BLOCK Resident Evil Village on Xbox Game Pass!

Xbox Game Pass already offers an extensive selection of games of all kinds. A few weeks ago, marvel's guarders of the galaxy arrived. Next to this, these days we will see a new list of games for this service. I think some people can live without resident evil Village at Game Pass.


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