Why Seoane broke the experiment with Kossounou

So enthusiastically, this season was probably not a scorer from Bayer 04: but no matter if players or coaching team, all fleeped after the late leadership of Paulinho at 2: 0 success in Wolfsburg. No wonder, the Brazilian replaced only in the 81st minute, which also achieved the goal to the final score, but last some large opportunities omitted.

All the more mightily erupted the enthusiasm about the attacker who had presented his qualities again and again in training when he ended his thirst for over two years without goal success. "The whole team is pleased for him. We encouraged him to close again and again, do not hesitate to show the necessary determination. He did at the 1-0", "Trainer Gerardo Seoane rated the solo on the technician, The past season had missed almost completely because of a cruciate ligament tear, and attracted the 2-0 with a wink: "And from his header, we did not know anything yet."

We did not know anything about his header.

Gerardo Seoane

Paulinho ensured that Bayer did not play in the third commutation in the front to zero. "It would have surprised me if we had three games without his own goal," said Captain Lukas Hradecky, but to immediately confess that Bayers performance was not the yellow of the egg: "Sovereign was not, but there were still three important points "

Winner in the CL race - fighting too victory

Through the Bayer to the winner of the game day in the race was the Champions League places. Three points is now the upholstery in five. Bayer 04 has a role that the Werkself in Wolfsburg at least assumed well. "If you're hunted - and we want to go to the Champions League - then you have to behave up. And today we have shown that we were not only footballery, but also fighting there," the goalkeeper, "that was the key to victory "

If Seoane had already had to put another building block before the match: after Bayer had lost in the derby defeat against Cologne next to Florian Wirtz (Crossbandriss) also right-back Jeremie Frimpong (Syndesmoseriss) to the end of the season, the Werkself also has to be on the second and seconds Last right-back Timothy Fosu mensah waive a tendon injury in the thigh at Europa League from Bergamo.

The both-as-also solution with Kossounou

The question of whether he nominated in front-back Odilon Kossounou on the right in a three or four-circlette as a solution, Seoane answered with both as well as: Bayer defended before the break in a 3-4-3 or 5-2-3 with Karim Bellarabi as a right rail player. In possession but Kossounou pushed the right to the right of three internal defenders to the right and Bellarabi as the right outside, so that one in the offensive center was very variables 4-2-3-1.

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In the unfamiliar role as an exterfishist, the Kossounou had taken only the 2-2 against Hoffenheim from the kick-off in the 2: 2 against Hoffenheim, the Ivorer knew. Very attentive and buggy, but also with peace on the ball and good passports forward, he indicated that he can fill out the part right outside in the defensive chain.

Kruse and wind escape the guard

"The experiment with Karim and Odilon has worked well in the first half. We were able to make such a fiffer chain to have more people on the last line. But we have changed that at halftime because Kruse as well (The only nominally acted as an outer storm, Note d. Red.) Fall extremely to the midfield and we did not want to stand with five players on a line that has nothing to do, "said Seoane," in the second half Odilon then got himself Also wonderful to defend with a clear task. "

How Kossounou differs from Frimpong

If Kossounou acts as a right-back in the future as in the 90 minutes in Wolfsburg, his coach should, at least as the defensive strength and the game structure, is likely to get any big problems on this position. Although the 1.90 meter man can not interpret the role in the offensive as the only 1.75 meter, agile and extremely approaching winged glitter frimpong.


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