Evangelos Sbonias has to go immediately at the SGV Freiberg

The SGV Freiberg will deny the master race in the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg without Evangelos Sbonias. As the club announced on Sunday, the coach since July 2020 has left the club with immediate effect. Originally, both sides have decided for a separation in the coming summer.

If you look at the naked numbers, the prominent Freibergers last the worm was in it. Three draws in a piece led on Saturday to the loss of the spreadsheet. Opposite the "Stuttgarter news", Sbonia's surprised: "We lost a single game in 40 league games under my directivity, and despite our small weakness phase with the last three draw in succession, the team was absolutely intact. There were no signs that the team did not exist more wants. "

Sport director Christian Werner said to separation: "With the development of the team, we were not 100 percent satisfied with the development of the team, but the decision fell detached from the sporty location." Rather, you want to re-align yourself and use the time to find a successor.

SECURITY WANTS US GONE WITH PEDOLIBREAUDITS As the sports and singing association also announced, the team is transitioned by the co-trainers Ferdinand Gross and Marcel Ivanusa and the playing sporting director Marco Grüttner.


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