Milan stumbles in Turin: Italy's master race again completely open

Torino proved to be so tough nut for the AC Milan, which bushes the teeth on an excellent coverage of the householders over long stretches.

Turin was snappy and gallous - and even beamed out more goals. Thus Vojvoda Milan-Keeper Maignan forced with a worth seeing shot to a class parade (50th). Once again, Turin's rear-back Bremer protrudes, which had already taken several times the top attacker several times - and this time Giroud and Leao got a taste of his skills. Again and again, the 25-year-old Brazilian was the place when it burned, as in the 56th minute as he blocked Leao.

Turin vs Milan | LIVE WITH IMAGES | 04/10/22 | CALL 1 UBER EATS | Round 32 | watch now Tonali, however, came to a degree, but failed at Turin Keeper Berisha (74.). So it stayed at the end of the 0-0, the Milan with a view of the championship now under pressure to go under pressure, but you have a game more denied than the citytrival - and only two counters lead.


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