New Wolverine Actor: Perfect again, just Castet him! - Bullock demands Co

Since Hugh Jackman's last appearance in the role of Wolverine in Logan have passed a few years. Since the Australian actor himself emphasizes again and again, with the role to have completed, of course, regular rumors come on who will step in the footsteps of Jackmans as a new Wolverine. Especially as Disney took over 20th Century Fox and thus also a feeding of the X-Men to the Marvel Cinematic Universe plans. Allegedly, the X-Men series should be rebooted under the title The Mutants.

Since the X-Men or Mutants without fan favorite Wolverine would probably be conceivable, there are more and more speculation around Hugh Jackman's successor. Recently, Pablo Schreiber, who is currently embodied the Master Chief in the new Halo series, in the binworthy podcast itself for the role in conversation. He told that he was often in contact with Marvel because of various things, but never folded it really, but now stressed to be ready for a role and already with Wolverine Geliebugelt.


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That would be quite interesting, after all, the Canadian is the half-brother of Liev Schreiber, who played in X-Men Origins: Wolverine Sabretooth. Sabretooth was according to the film (not the comics) the half-brother of Wolverine. However, many fans want another performer for the new Wolverine and this was now prominent support!

Sandra Bullock wants co-star as Wolverine

As part of a press tour to your new movie The Lost City, Sandra Bullock recently gave it's gone viral an interview. At her side, Co-Star Daniel Radcliffe, who has repeatedly been brought into play in recent years in recent years as a new Wolverine. Also in this interview, at some point the topic came to what Bullock asked why Radcliffe did not just take the role. Why that is, you will learn Page 2 !

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