No conversation with Fürth: Köllner wants to think about 1860

At the moment, sixty is in fourth place with a single goal ahead of VfL Osnabrück, which guarantees participation in the DFB Cup in the coming season. Thanks to the 6-0 winning victory against Duisburg last weekend, the Munich team went into the last encounters with the second best offensive in the league.

Accordingly, coach Michael Köllner commented on the game against Havelse. "The success in Duisburg was a product of our football, a good pressing in advance and a good combination game," said the 52-year-old and then asked to go into the duel with Havelse with the same attitude. "We are doing well when we plan with nine points," said Köllner, because: "We try to keep fourth place."

In the end we have to think: How do we currently rate 1860 Munich?

Thirty minutes of fights, stacks on the mill, donnybrooks, melees, skirmishes, in Carlton Games

Michael Köllner

But it is also clear that a walk will not be a walk on Saturday. "Havelse wants to say goodbye to the league," emphasized Köllner, knowing that the Lower Saxony were well in shape in the past two games and scored four points.

The task therefore requires the highest level of concentration, noise, as it existed during the week, are not exactly beneficial.

Köllner about his future

After Fürth's coach Stefan Leitl announced his farewell, rumors around Köllner had arisen. At the press conference, however, the former U-17 coach of the cloverleaf made it clear: "There has been no conversation with a sporty person from Fürth in the past few days and weeks."

However, his whereabouts at 1860 is certainly not. "In the end we have to think: How do we currently estimate 1860 Munich and where do we want to be tomorrow?" Said Köllner.