PSG wins in Angers: Championship still postponed

Without the injured Messi (inflammation of the Achilles tendon) and Draxler (Meniscus OP) as well as the locked Neymar, PSG became a Mastermaking game, and had a few problems in the initial minutes. Boufal (5th, 8.) had two first opportunities for the descent candidate, but had to be replaced shortly thereafter with a presumably heavier violation. Paris was dangerous in the meantime by Sweeper (7th).

Angers vs Paris Saint-Germain (0-3) | 2022 Ligue 1 | Match Highlights

Mbappé with the Pike, Ramos with his head

For the tour then - as so often this season - the individual class MBappés. After a double pass with Hakimi, the attacker closed precisely with the Pike in the long corner (28.). Even better for PSG: Only a few moments before the hit had met Nantes in Marseille, the premature championship took clear contours. In order to bring the tenth league of club history under the roof and subject, the rodemble in Angers had to bring more points than Marseille against Nantes.

At half-time, although Angers still met the outer post in person of Cho (38.) - Everything thereafter: Nantes now led to 2: 1 and PSG increased shortly before the pause whistle by Ramos, who after a short-run corner, a Di-Maria Got flank (45. + 2).

Marquinhos ensures the final score, but not yet for the title

If the househous favorite was still dependent on its efficiency in the first passage, PSG had hardly any problems after the second change. Hakimi (60.), MBappé (64., 65.) and Wijnaldum (75th) gave further possibilities, marriage Marquinhos a further edge of di Maria completely unhindered to the 3: 0 final end was allowed to nod (77.).

The great cheelon could not catch up after the final whistle at PSG: on the one hand, because the substitute Youngster Michut still saw the red card after a fierce foul in the detention time (90. + 2), but above all, because Marseille turned the game against Nantes And the final PSG championship had postponed. Next Saturday (21 clock), Paris can then tack the title from our own strength: Against Lens would even be a draw for it.