Trust check - that makes the right key service

The fast helpers in the distress are repeatedly advised by many black sheep in the industry in miscresite: key service. The experts are better than their reputation - especially the local key and opening experts.

How easy it is to find a reputable key service, show the following tips.

1. Local key services prefer

Door too, but the key is still in the apartment. What now? Often the first hectic handle goes to the smartphone to find a key service via the search engine. A good solution, but the first search results should be skipped.

For example, if you are looking for "Locksmith Mannheim", you have already presents numerous providers on the first page. However, in a closer look, the first key service recommendations are often supported by advertising. This means that these key services are not necessarily out of the surrounding area, but could become expensive cost fun. Therefore, in the search for a key service local patriotism is in demand. After all, a true fan of Waldhof Mannheim would never be sympathetic for 1860 in Munich.

2. Commissioning on the telephone with binding price

After a key service has been found, the call is usually following. Again, there are significant differences to dubious and reputable key services. Renowned local providers can describe the problem on the phone and prepare a binding offer for the gross total price. Durious supplier, on the other hand, often do not want to set a price on the phone and often try even in negotiations.

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Consumers should not get involved. Instead, describe the key problem precisely and explain what the fitter wants to use as a solution. Also on a liability of start times must be consumers. Local locksmiths know the environment and are usually within a very short time. Locksmiths, which are assigned by a central hotline, often need longer and meet unreliable times.

Tipp: On the phone, consumers should consist of compliance with the journey times. Nevertheless, they can express that the order is canceled if the installer does not arrive within the timeframe mentioned. A security for emergency, if it could occur after commissioning to litigation. Who can, should record the phone call. But beware: The recording is only allowed if the participant was at the other end of the phone and approved it.

3. At work just over the shoulder

Employees of a reputable key service have nothing to hide at work on site. If the Monteur has reached the order address, commonly runs the clock for the billing of working hours. Therefore, best to record the self-check time for arrival to make it up later with the information on the billing.

Our key service often exploit the nervousness and uncertainty of consumers and make forms in advance of Blanko. A disadvantage for consumers, because with the signature they have approved (also the empty fields). Now the Monteur can theoretically write all information, even not performed services. A serious provider (for example, a local key service Stuttgart), after work in the presence of the client, draws up the form and can sign it according to any explanations of services and individual positions.

This information should always be found on the form

Even in the design of the form, consumers can distinguish serious and dubious suppliers from each other. For example, there is no address or the tax number on the paper, skepticism should prevail. Based on the German case-law, companies are obliged to make complete information about their corporate address. This includes the tax number. The owner must also be mentioned on the form.

For paid amounts on site always issue a receipt by the key service. Better still: insist on accounting and later payment.

4. No payments under pressure

Local serious providers create the invoice for the service after complete implementation. A payment in advance is in most cases nothing necessary. It can be in consultation with the customer that, for example, a deposit can be d1. However, customers receive a receipt and the amount will be credited to the subsequent invoice.

Durious key services often put customers under pressure on site. You ask for the door opening a payment in advance and often do not provide a receipt slip. Anyone who experiences such dubious machinations should inform the police immediately. Here, the law is clear, because coercion is a criminal offense.

May the key service staff see my ID?

Serious key services are required to carry out the door opening only with an access control. That means: they make sure that the door is actually opened a living person living there. For example, key services require a detection document as proof. If this is in the locked apartment, control questions are often asked (u. A. What does the corridor look like?). If the key service staff has doubts about the authenticity of the information, they are also encouraged to call the police. Otherwise, they could be prosecuted for the aid in criminal actions.

Tip: Prices always check

The prices for the door openings can vary significantly, depending on the day of the week and the effort. Often, customers in the emergency situation have no idea how much a serious door opening could cost.

The local craft chambers provide a compensation table in which the local prices are listed. As a guideline: On working days, a door opening costs between 8:00 and 18:00 at about 100 euros. Outside these times, a surcharge of 50 percent can be levied. If the price of the door opening is more than 250 euros even on Sundays and public holidays, customers should look more closely. In case of doubt, always pull the police reserve in case of ambiguity.


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