Champions League: Pep Guardiola maybe not good enough

Team manager Pep Guardiola from Manchester City granted quiet self-doubt after the bitter semi-finals in the Champions League.

"Maybe I'm not good enough," said the Catalane, who has been chasing a triumph in the premier class since 2011.

Neither at FC Bayern (2013 to 2016) nor since then at City has succeeded in repeating his two successes with FC Barcelona around Lionel Messi.

"Nobody knows what would have happened to another coach or other players," said Guardiola about the 1: 3 n. In the semi-final second leg at Real Madrid. It is important "that we will try again in the new season - and afterwards."

But is his team even able to win the Champions League? "I don't know," said the 51-year-old, "I can't answer this question. Football is incredibly unpredictable. We saw that."

As a "consolation price, City is aiming for the English championship. Four game days before the end, the defending champion has one point ahead of the Liverpool FC with team manager Jürgen Klopp.

Did that make him a title against Real Hungriger? "No," said Guardiola, "I'm always starving."


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