Handball: Sweden mourns the loss of coaches

**** Johansson was "one of the greatest leaders of Swedish handball of all time and his influence on Swedish handball in both Sweden and internationally cannot be praised enough," wrote the association on his homepage.

As a player, Johansson won four Swedish championship titles and played 83 caps. However, he celebrated his greatest success as a trainer. After five championships with HK Drott, he led the national team between 1988 and 2004 to two world championship titles, four EM triumphs and three Olympic silver medals.

Bengt Johansson is a prominent part of Swedish handball history forever.

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Swedish association

As "Bengan Boys", the Swedish team under Johansson was known far beyond the national borders. "Bengt Johansson is always a prominent part of Swedish handball history and is in the heart of Swedish handball," the Swedish association honored the achievements of Johansson.