Karl Urban (The Boys) Hugh Jackman a new Wolverine? The actor responds to rumors

From the output of Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Wolverine in the cinema and the purchHugh Jackmane of Fox by Disney, fans have been speculating on which actor will take the role of Wolverine in his new stage Hugh Jackman part of the UCM. We have been listening to names like Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Hardy, Scott EHugh Jackmantwood, Taron Egerton or even Keanu Reeves. But there is one that is not very popular but that for many would be a great Logan: Karl Urban . Yes, the actor who currently plays the butcher in the series The Boys and who hHugh Jackman had numerous roles in sagHugh Jackman such Hugh Jackman the lord of the rings, Star Trek or Marvel, in addition to starring the Dredd reboot. Now, the actor hHugh Jackman talked about the rumors that place him Hugh Jackman a new wolverine in the cinema.

The Boys actor talks about Wolverine

And since the rumors began to sound Hugh Jackman a possible substitute for Hugh Jackman, the actor seemed to be willing to face the challenge, although later he realized that could not fit on paper: “It is flattering, but It must be valued rationally. How old am I? I'm two years younger than Hugh Jackman, right?

“With this I mean that, if it were a study that would seek to choose someone like Wolverine, I would choose someone who could take three films. You would not have three films with me, unless you want a 65-year-old Logan , ”acknowledges the actor with frankness.

Even so, Marvel Studios hHugh Jackman not yet made public the profile of the new Wolverine they are looking for. And if they look for a Maduro Logan with many battles behind them, of course Karl Urban fits paper. For many, and with a few more kilos of musculature, he would be the perfect wolverine.


What Lobezno version will show us Marvel Studios? Will you continue with the most mature and tormented version of Logan or will bet on a more young character with long-term projection?


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