Klauss: Two victories for the new season

Head coach Robert Klauß, whose early extension of his contract that expires in 2023 was officially announced, wants to take a swing for the coming season with a win in Kiel and about Schalke: "We saw in the past year how positive a successful conclusion for preparation effect. " Not to forget that the FCN would also be very good at the FCN with regard to TV money ranking to at least defend its current 6th place, if not improving.

tabular upswing stops

Incidentally, improving is also a keyword that is brand new at the club. Under the aegis of the sports director Dieter Hecking, which was re-installed after the last minute rescue in July 2021, it went up continuously, which in turn is closely related to the coaching staff he has signed with Robert Klaus. From 16th place, the FCN increased to 11th place in the first season, and the signs are currently on a new jump by five places.

So much for the positive development to be determined at pure facts. But it is also reflected in other factors. It starts with the fact that a number of young players have made the leap into the main squad and continues over the mostly brave-refreshing style of play. "The coach lets a football to be played that fits the club and with which the fans can identify," emphasizes Hecking - so the current early contract extension has been an issue for weeks and is now anything but surprising.

ambitious claw is "coherent overall package"

How long the "good, coherent overall package", which Klauss represents according to Hecking, is now bound to the club is as well as the question of whether the new contracting clause has an exit clause. The only thing he and the club "reveals" that the coach's yes was quick, no long and complicated conversations were necessary.

Not surprisingly, that, as usual with such an occasion, claws rave about "joy and pride" and that he knows "what is still missing". For example, that his team's dominant phases sometimes end in a game. "We are the task of improving this," said Klauss, whereby he means to mean himself and the coaching staff. The 37-year-old himself has also taken the next step as a football teacher. "To constantly question himself to improve," he describes as a trait, Hecking also describes him as ambitious and ambitious.

Hecking should also be kept

There is no need to mention that the latter also applies to the sports director. When he took office two years ago, the 57-year-old emphasized that after decades of work as a coach in the Bundesliga, it was great motivation to return to first class in a new function with the club. According to his contract, according to the official status, he only has time in the coming season, because in June 2023 his working paper expires. A circumstance that the association wants to change the supervisory board in this case. It would be a big surprise if this project failed.

An ascent cannot be planned. And we don't have a glass ball.

Robert Klauss

But back to claw. The fact that he is also drawn to the Bundesliga, with the club, of course, he leaves no doubt about it - but when he leaves open. "An ascent cannot be planned. And we don't have a glass ball," he emphasizes in the knowledge that his team has created a new, higher expectation. "First of all, it is positive that the demands on us have grown."

Future visions initially only in the offspring

From 2 season release date Nevertheless, he refuses to make a specific objective for the coming season, which is only available in the course of the preparation, "if we can assess our squad and that of the others - just like last season." The Franks had finished 5th to 8 shortly before the start after Hecking had prevailed in the internal, controversial discussion. It is already clear that the club attachment now wants a trace of researchers.

Regardless of the official objective, the FCN wants to further optimize its recently developing promoting young talent. For this purpose, he wants to form an internal perspective squad that will consist of the most promising players of the U 16 to U 21. This group, which can change steadily, then receives individual extra funding in addition to normal training. Ex-professional Dieter Frey (49), most recently active in addition to his job as a mathematics and sports teacher in the NLZ as the training manager of the U 12 to U 15, can be exempted and will take on this task full-time.


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