What did Hütter fail - Virkus' task at the XXL

In summer, Max Eberl presented Adi Hütter, who had ridden from Frankfurt, full of conviction as "the best suitable coach for Borussia Mönchengladbach". It was not only since Saturday, a huge error and a misjudgment of the former sports director for the club. Because Hütter and the Borussia did not fit in too many areas. The separation after only one year of cooperation was only the logical consequence of this mutual misunderstanding.

To do this, you have to state that his failure in Gladbach does not make Hütter a bad coach. The successes at his previous stations at RB Salzburg, YB Bern or Eintracht Frankfurt speak for themselves. But in Gladbach the Austrian was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He didn't suit this Borussen squad. Trainer and team were too far apart. In sporting questions as well as in the interpersonal area.

There was too much ballast for a new beginning

Ultimately, however, Hütter also failed because essential things were not complied with that Eberl promised him for the summer: a blood refresher of the squad in order to break up the crusted structures in the group without any noteworthy changes and thereby set new impulses; Reinforcements for typical Hütter football; Players with a lot of speed, resistance and mentality.

For a second year of Hütter, the mortgage was too big after this messed up season and the separation was consequently. Especially since the coach did not have part of the team, including top performers and opinion leaders. All in all, too much ballast for a new beginning, Hütter and those responsible saw that after their season analysis. And showed on Saturday how to get a stylish separation.

But what does the foals have to happen now? The decision-makers in the Borussia Park would be difficult to advise if they had a dilappled from a decent 26 second half of the second round and a 5: 1 football party against Hoffenheim and rely too much on the change of coaching. The conversion of the squad still has to be carried out with all the consequence.

After a year and a half with a lot of murdering on the lawn, the Gladbach football needs its own identity again, a recognition value that is certainly not in a total pressing approach. After two seasons with a total of 117 (!) Goals, it is all about stability. The team needs a strong foundation, reliability on the defensive. Sufficient good Mönchengladbachs will still be in the squad after the summer break in order to be able to fulfill the Gladbach longing for considerable offensive football at the same time.

favre? Farke? Virkus is faced with a mammoth task

Tiktok STAR runs SO BAD on @Hustler Casino Live It is not for nothing that you deal with a trainer like Lucien Favre in the Borussia Park. The proven specialist and tactic expert has shown that he can balance shaky teams and give them a firm structure. The Fohlenelf was one of the teams with the best organization on the pitch under his direction (2011 to 2015). And he could be the right football "teacher" for the promising talents such as Manu Koné, Luca Netz, Joe Scally, Jordan Beyer or Conor Noß, coaching the youngster ranks on the next level of development. But other trainers also remain in the focus. The Mönchengladbach can confirm that there was contact with Daniel Farke (most recently Krasnodar) in the past.

A new team and now also a new coach - Roland Virkus has to cope with an XXL break at Borussia. It becomes a mammoth task. For Virkus, only since February on the Bundesliga stage, the situation is a huge challenge. At the same time, it offers the perfect opportunity to bring in and implement her own ideas. Virkus will build a "new Borussia" and now has to give the foal elf its handwriting.