No extension: Benbennek and also BFC Dynamo different

We intend to improve the structure of this successful period.

Description of the BFC Eager beaver

Benbennk had actually taken control of the Berlin 2019 and also formed a leading group, as it says on the Dynamo website. In this period, the BFC with confidence secured the relay championship, only stumbled something towards the end of the period, but missed the longed-for third division promotion in both promotion games against VfB Oldenburg (0: 2, 2: 1).

Shortly after the missed promo to the 3rd division, the future of Benbennek was open that the 49-year-old will certainly not most likely to the former GDR series champion in any further season. His run-out contract is not extended. Coach Christian Benbennek had actually succeeded in forming an effective group this period, yet a stagnation of the development has actually become noticeable in the previous couple of weeks, the North Regional League discusses this step.


We desire to develop on the structure of this successful period and take the next actions, states the club. During the summer break, with the majority of the team the existing agreements is to be prolonged and a brand-new coach is offered.