40 goals per game: eFootball Open experiences adjustment

Only the leading eight in each area as well as system will advance to the third round of the eFootball 2022 Open Championship. Participants rightly ask: Just how is this feasible?

The leader in the EU rankings scored 380 goals on PlayStation in 15 suits of the second round of the eFootball Championship Open. In Asia, the table top also greets with 603:0 stalls from the top. That's 40 goals per game.

Goals every second?

Therefore, taking part Reddit individuals guess on phony accounts. These ought to use the leaders of the table to achieve triumphes in the eFootball Championship Open as uninterrupted as possible. To do this, they can obviously be connected until their main account is designated to among their phony accounts. The ideal in the organization seem to be betting themselves, the opponents mutate into still additionals.

It doesn't take a mathematical genius to identify that this has clearly been adjusted. In order to be able to score 40 goals in a game, the opposing team's goalkeeper would certainly have to be proactively eased of his responsibilities.

603 goals in 15 games? That's an average of 40 goals per video game. Not simply sports, yet amazing in a competitive setting. e-football. konami.net.

Konami introduces incompetency for tampering.

It was not announced whether this violation would cause additional consequences such as an account restriction, besides being omitted from the competitors.

Due to the fact that Konami currently does not penalize energetic video game breaks with a loss, an approach that is also possible.

The eFootball Championship Open tables are scheduled to be cleansed with the revealed upkeep on July 21, 2022. All those who then occupy the leading 8 places in the regions and also systems should be alerted of their progress through in-game notification.

The leader in the EU rankings scored 380 goals on PlayStation in 15 matches of the 2nd round of the eFootball Championship Open. That's 40 objectives per video game.

Konami has actually discussed the trouble after the end of the 2nd round and intends to disqualify participants that have breached the guidelines of conduct, at the discretion of the competition management..

Additionally, there is apparently a sporadic engagement in the competition, which makes it easier to be established versus your own fake accounts. When looking for opponents, gamers report long waiting times. A consider the tables likewise reveals accounts that have actually yielded three-digit numbers.


603 objectives in 15 games? That's a standard of 40 goals per video game.