Incheon Metropolitan City confirmed the opening of '2022 Incheon e -sports challenge'

The 2022 Incheon E-Sports Challenge, hosted by Incheon Metropolitan City (Mayor Yoo Jung-bok) and hosted by Incheon Techno Park (Director Seo Byung-jo), will be held on the 16th.

The competition was added to the existing competition, which had only been held in a total of two 'professional competitions' and 'amateur competitions', and returned to a more huge scale of 100 million won.

Starting with the Incheon Challenge Cup 2022 on the 16th, 'Incheon Amateur Challenge 2022' in September and 'Incheon Amateur Challenge School Contest 2022' will be held in a row. There is a lot of attention.

The first 2022 Incheon Challenge Cup, which will be held, will be held online for 16 and 17 days, with 16 professional teams representing Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan.


In particular, many domestic fans are expected to respond to the competition, such as Kwangdong Frix and Danawa E-Sports, Korea.

On the other hand, the method of participation and Gyeonggi-do of 'Incheon Amateur Challenge School Contest 2022', which can be participated in individual or family, and the Incheon Amateur Challenge School 2022, which are held for students from all over the country, are on the official website according to the schedule. It will be released.