Lol: Kru makes the Master Flow League rumble with a tremendous 3

The second day of playoffs in the Master Flow League begins with an epic confrontation between Kru Esports against Undead Gaming to determine the second semifinalist of the tournament, two squads that ended in the middle part of the table and that seek to survive during this phase for Demonstrate the highest quality of work they did during the weekend in the face of this best of five that is decisive.

The first map would begin with a lot He became in favor Kru who managed to make their rivals bluntly to take the first match to the bag.

KRU In the second map Seeker it would be present with a gnar in the upper lane with which it would cause great ravages to stop the advance of the unbelie Bag that invests on objects early with which they would take the fights in their favor to get victorious and be able to take the second point to the bag

The third contest would be the key to knowing if Undead could react within the series taking early aggressiveness with a camille in the hands of Giantkios , however, Kiefer would show one of his favorite champions, Akali would take place present in the crack with which it could destroy the life of the rivals to leave them back and getting a wide advantage with which the pink team would end the series in their favor.

The confrontation concludes with a forceful 3-0 for the kru eSports team that takes the front during the playoff phase with which it manages to take a place in the semifinal phase, with great power they show that they are ready to arrive to arrive In the final but they still have one more series to reach these instances.


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