LOL: Newells Esports sends Stone Esports to the bottom of the sea and manages to ascend to the Master Flow League

The second series for a quota in the Master Flow League puts the Stone Esports team against Nob, the stones team had a complicated tournament and now has to face a squad that has been demonstrating its quality in recent months to fight for That ticket that can give them a new opportunity, only a series of the best of five can make a difference.

In the first map it began very quiet until we see how the Ahri of Skaanz awake Little by the Nob team that brought out their style of play, closing the confrontation in their favor.


A second scenario that was turned to a single side from the beginning thanks to the pressure he managed His life little by little in red numbers, creating several opportunities the nob team ended up snatching the point for them.

For the third map and with the stones on the Stone team it shows a different face in the confrontation but noble maintains calm managing to put ahead in murders, however, the team fights were quite pair to the point that the game would end in A race by the base where Thoryn would seek to arrive through the lower lane to destroy the rival link but in a thrust of 4 players in the middle zone Nob would close the match to be the fastest.

The second promotion/relegation series concludes by leaving a second new team as the one that achieves the promotion for the Argentine League, with great performance and power the Newells Esports team manages to be the new contender to arrive the following tournament for Fighting for the spring championship seeking to give a great role but now you will have to seek to refine details in the coming months.