Bayern Munich safeguards title in the Amos Mug with confidence

For a long period of time there was a little going at evictions in the final of the Amos Cup in between Bayern Munich and Manchester United. Shortly prior to the break, the Germans took the lead: The goalkeeper of the Red Devils Baggaley had a wonderful share of it passed an unplaced Bühl shot, and at the mentally important time shortly prior to the break (43. ).


Magull boosted: Baggaley once more does not launch an excellent number

After the competition, the last primary video game against Atletico Madrid. The dress wedding rehearsal prior to the organization beginning will take area on August 26 (1.30 p.m.) on the university of FC Bayern.

The FCB after that came from this and enhanced shortly after the adjustment of sides. Captain Magull made Baggaley look old once again, who once more did not release the most effective figure after the header adder (49. ).

FC Bayern ought to no much longer give anything, in the persuading second half Kumagai also cleaned 3-0 (65th), the group of the new train Alexander Straus also had chances for a higher triumph. Nonetheless, it continued to be 3-0, with which the AMOS Cup title can be protected in the previous year after the 4-0 versus AS Rome.