BVB equilibrium: Red numbers once more, but enhancement in outcomes

Bajheera Nevertheless, it was one more hard year, as the numbers reveal. The substantial decreases with limited audience authorization and also the resulting more reductions in wedding catering, amongst various other points, press the equilibrium sheet as well as the TV funds that have actually been sunk through the graduation and removal of contractual partners and the transfer market that has actually ended up being silent in the top middle section according to Watzke.

According to this, the firm on shares redeemed sales of 456.8 million euros, transferred to 351.6 million. The team result was 35.1 million euros in the past financial year, and also in the previous year it was still 72.8 million.

Watzke positive: In the next few years, totally brand-new revenue stamina

A specific outlook is troublesome to dubious, claims Watzke as well as contrasts the outcome forecast with lotto numbers. The topics of Corona as well as Energy would utilize the organization, there are many residual risks: If we act well, we will certainly have a great year before us.

Watzke was optimistic that the organization could not come to the pre-Corona outcome in the coming years, however that we will find an entirely brand-new revenue strength in the next couple of years. From the 2023/2024 economic year, the firm wants to make an earnings once more.


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