Large step: Michelbrink joins Duisburg

As early as 2014, Michelbrink, born in Hanover, joined the Hertha offspring. Because then he has actually been experiencing all young groups at the old girl, most recently he was energetic for the second rep of the Berliners in the Regionalliga-Nordost. In May 2021, nevertheless, he also involved 2 goals in the Bundesliga.

Michelbrink: I really hope that I can grow

Michelbrink signed the zebras for two years till June 2024 and will certainly run in the team of trainer Torsten Ziegner with the number 16. We see a lot of possibility in Jonas that he can make our offensive even better, he additionally radiates the danger of scoring, said Ziegner.

Hertha The way to Duisburg and also the 3rd organization is a huge step for me, to a huge club, with a huge arena. I hope that I can grow on it as well as will discover something from the older gamers right here. I would love to Make lots of games as possible.

However, he no much longer saw a perspective under the brand-new coach Sandro Schwarz. The agreement of the midfielder in the funding, which was initially running till 2023, was dissolved, instead he has a brand-new chapter in his occupation at third department club Duisburg.


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