Google Stadia was going to have an exclusive Kojima Productions

Something that many did not see coming, that is the definitive closure of the Google Stadia platform, a project that did not have great success because everything was based mainly on the cloud was announced practically one day. And now, it is commented that last year the company rejected a very big idea of including an expected game of Kolyma Productions.

It had been publicly confirmed that some companies such as Harmonic were working on Stadia titles, with names like You Suzuki and Video Kolyma . These efforts were supposed to result in great caliber titles published by Stadia Games & Entertainment , where it emphasizes that the sequel to Death Stranding ** would arrive exclusively.


A source told the environment known as 9to5google that the game in which it was contemplated so as not to leave the platform in temporary contract. And that same nature of experience for a player, it was what Stadia did not see him potential, because they were focused on mass multiplayer experiences that joined thousands of users in the world.

The previous reports affirmed that it would be an episodic horror game and that Kolyma was excited to work with the cloud potential. It was said that it was the General Manager of Stadia, Phil Harrison, who made the last call to cancel the follow-up of this game, so it is now being developed for other platforms.

For now, there is no progress of this next production of the study of Video Kolyma.