Teklab Dreiererpack at 4: 2

The SC Preussen Münster wins his residence game against 1. Also the very early deficit did not surprise the eagle bearers, who deservedly turned the game as well as in the end had the belief to draw the duel.

With Manni Kwadwo's failing, it was clear prior to the game that trainer Sascha Hildmann needed to convert his team for the house game. As currently in Homberg, Shaibou Oubeyapwa changed him. Furthermore, the football teacher had currently exposed on Friday that Nicolai Remberg would likewise go back to the starting line-up. For him, Thorben Deters needed to pave the way, that had to sit on the bench.

Opportunities for opportunities

The pressure on the Fragrance defensive proceeded to grow with every wave of attack-until after 25 mins the just equalization finally fell. Dennis Grote briefly did one edge on Henok Teklab, that brought the leather hazardously into the charge location with a cut. Neither an eagle carrier neither the goat bezel touched the round, who finally struck the inflamed goalkeeper Urbig in the goal-1: 1 (25th). However, the Perfume local were never entirely out of the game, however always took care of to playfully damage away from the high pressing of the residence side as well as to get possibilities themselves. Max Schulze Niehues was always there when it was needed-as well as the light weight aluminum for Effzeh. When an additional corner sailed into the Perfume fine area, Alex Hahn went up as well as met the internal blog post, which was or else,. A murmur underwent the stadium that definitely liked. Before the break, the 6,372 Prussian fans were enabled to support again. Marc Lorenz brought a round out of the fifty percent field, in the fine area Yassine Beachama just maintained his foot in and also pressed the natural leather right into the far corner-2: 1 (41. ).

The first stage alone provided possibilities for an entire game. They brought the sphere right into the penalty area, where Marc Lorenz obstructed in the greatest demand, the rebound landed prior to the feet of FC attacker Hendrik Mittelstädt, who conveniently put it from a short distance-0: 1 (3rd). A false begin, which the eagle users place away well and nearly took part in the back.

Wild phase made it through, Fortunate Punch set

As an outcome, the game remained balanced, without a genuine benefit for one of the 2 groups. And currently the (game) happiness that was missing out on, particularly in half-time one, also returned. Preferred by a goalkeeper error by the otherwise really highly laid-out Urbig, Teklab pressed in a 3-2 lead a few minutes prior to the end (86. ).

the data for the game

Manfred Tore : 0: 1 Mittelstädt (3rd), 1: 1 Teklab (25th), 2: 1 Beachama (41. ), 2: 2 Schmid (60. ), 3: 2 Teklab (86. ).

audience : 6.372. Referee : Cedric Gottschalk.

Cologne : Urbig-Schneider, Salger, Örnek-Nadjombe, Giesen, Nottbeck, Suchanek-Schwirten (Segal, 60.), Mittelstädt (Fadeev, 60.), Breuer (Schmied, 46.).

, Teklab

The SC Preussen Münster wins his house game against 1. Even the early deficiency did not stun the eagle bearers, that deservedly turned the game and in the end had the idea to draw the duel. With Manni Kwadwo's failure, it was clear before the game that instructor Sascha Hildmann had to transform his group for the house game. The preliminary stage alone provided opportunities for a whole game. As an outcome, the game remained balanced, without an actual benefit for one of the 2 teams.

Yellow cards : Teklab/ Mittelstädt, Giesen, örnek.


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