Gak against storm: all of Graz in derby high temperature

When the SK Storm Graz and also Grazer AK fulfilled on May 17, 2007, no one can have presumed that the next experience of both neighborhood opponents would only occur greater than 15 years later on. Because the major monetary troubles, the transfer of the GAS has long been specific at this moment, such a degeneration of the association, which inevitably even resulted in a closure application to the commercial court, was not yet forecasted.

Storm sees the 48-year-old native of Graz on a superb path, likewise in Europe: They now manage the English rounds and have very excellent efficiencies against top clubs. If they execute as in the last games, I really hope that they will progress However can likewise come to be first.

Grazer In the meantime, the GAS is again part of the Austrian expert firm, yet in the 2nd department it is presently not running for the red jackets as desired. With nine place is far behind your own assumptions, the circumstance is considerably various at Storm: Christian Older's team ensures both in the organization (only 2 factors behind leaders behind Salzburg) and in the Europa League (still all chances on Obtain progress) for an experience and is currently intending for the following action in the OF Mug on Wednesday (6 p.m.).

As Storm legend Mario Haas highlighted in the Serves show Sport and Talk from the Hangar-7, the GAS has a chance: In the end, you only have to obtain in advance. If you don't An objective rapidly fires, something can always happen.

Storm tale Haas: The GAS always didn't care

Haas prefers to vocally concur with the city battle: I really did not miss out on the GAS at all, he always didn't care, stated the former striker. However it was interesting for the players that grew up in Graz.

As Storm legend Mario Haas emphasized in the Serves show Sporting activity and also Talk from the Hangar-7, the GAS has a possibility: In the end, you only have to obtain ahead. If it brings with each other Vorarlberg, Graz definitely likewise tolerates 2 teams in the Bundesliga. Haas likes to verbally agree with the city battle: I really did not miss out on the GAS at all, he always really did not care, said the previous striker. Yet it was interesting for the players that expanded up in Graz.

Despite all rivalry, which football certainly does not require, activities such as those in the run-up to the Cup derby, as storm fans, have actually made a red-painted pork carcass hang from a freeway bridge. This was removed by the fire brigade, the authorities are examining due to the evident risk for website traffic. The pig could have dropped on the highway or there might have been an accident because of the diversion for chauffeurs, stated spokesperson Markus Lamb.

Walter Schooner played for both significant clubs in the Styrian funding throughout his active career. The 65-year-old hopes that the followers will certainly also see coarse level at the Bundesliga degree in the future. If it brings together Vorarlberg, Graz certainly likewise tolerates two teams in the Bundesliga. The battles were legendary with the elevator that Hannes Karting and Peter Setts pressed. Football needs something like that.


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