Gylt, exclusive from Stadia, will reach other platforms: what will happen to other third -party games?

The advertisement for the Google Stadia service remains the subject of many debates. It will be next January 18 When the American giant puts an end to a trip that h never finished curdling at all, and while the time comes, we wonder what will happen to the games that users have acquired until the date.

Google itself announced that it would proceed to reimburse all purches made on the platform, but there were pending fringes such some third-party titles and, above all, those that are exclusive in the service. We already know what will happen to one of them: GILT, the horror adventure of the Spanish study Tequila Works; Through Raúl Rubio, CEO of the company, it h been confirmed that The game will be launched on other platforms not yet specified.

Ubisoft, Io Interactive and Bungee resure the players

In recent days there have been few video game companies that have wanted to rule to clear the doubts that have been generated after the news, and it seems that there is nothing to fear. The first one w Ubisoft, who confirmed that he will transfer all his games bought in Stadia to Ubisoft Connect for PC .

Gylt On the other hand, since Io Interactive, creators of Hitman 3, have been very clear and concise through a brief statement: To all the followers of the saga, we listen to you, and we are looking for a way that you continue your experience in Other platforms , he says.

In the ce of Bungee, those responsible for Destiny 2 explain that they have already begun conversations about the next steps that must be given, with respect to the great ms of players who enjoy daily of the title. They have to see the details, since in this ce you have to take into account additional content such DLC, Skins and the like that users have been able to buy during these years.


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