Need for Speed Unbound is still interesting in its new trailer with gameplay

Electronic Arts has published a new Need for Speed Unbound trailer, the new installment of its veteran racing arcades' series. It focuses on risk and its rewards, and you can see it up here.

The video is seen gameplay more or less raw of the game, with images focused on interaction with the police, which once again must be given on the corner, and with other corridors, against which you can bet to increase the profits of each race. It is nothing new or particularly shocking, but I think it is the type of small ideas that can help give structure to the game; The calendar, for example, may be fine to order the movement for an open world.


Announced earlier this month, Unbound is the rumored Need for Speed with anime touches that were coming for a while. For practical purposes, it seems the same type of arcade of always racing but with visual sparkles that personally find it very stimulating; In the absence of verifying how the controls behave, I think it is a more interesting direction than that of previous deliveries.

It develops, by the way, criterion, a study surely today very different from the one that launched ten years ago the extraordinary Need for Speed: Most Wanted but in which it continues to be able to trust. More or less that time takes the series Need for Speed without shining, if you ask me; After rival, in my opinion very claimable, the (apparently small) niche of the ARCADE Racers seems to have no place for the EA series.

It is not much lacking to try it: it leaves December 2 for new generation and PC consoles.