Pilot Wings 64 appeared in the distribution title of Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online! The game introduction & technique article at that time was also reprinted and released

Pilotwings Nintendo has announced that Pilot Wings 64 has been added to the Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online, which can be played with the paid service Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack for Nintendo Switch.

Pilot Wings 64 is a Sky Sport Simulation Game released in 1996 for Nintendo64. Players will clear their tasks while manipulating hang gliders and rocket belts and aim to acquire a license badge.

In addition, by satisfying certain conditions, Extra Games, including Skydiving, which appeared in the previous work Pilot Wings released in Super Nintendo, appeared. Set on four islands, you can enjoy various challenges with six characters.

Nintendo's official website has been reprinted in this work, following the launch of this distribution, and has been reprinted in this work published in the game magazine 64DREAM at the time. In the article, techniques such as ways to become a bird man that can freely fly around the sky are introduced.

To play with Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online, you need to join Nintendo Switch Online + Addition Pack for Nintendo Switch. Please see the official website for details such as service contents and prices.