Scarlet and purple Pokémon surrender to V

Pokémon's official accounts in networks summoned us today to learn more about scarlet and purple, the next installments of the saga, and although it is true that they have presented things (well, one thing), let's say that He will not leave anyone indifferent . Through a trailer of more than three minutes (the one you can see on these lines), Game Freak and The Pokémon Company have made us known to a new gym leader bed on YouTubers and content creators.

Three and a half minutes in which we see how emulate the V-Tubers on duty and we know little more than their favorite appearance and type. She is called enigma (Ion in the original version), she will be the leader of the Gymnium of Feudal City and specializes in the Pokémon Electric . But seen what w seen, she she h less spark than MAPI , and look like that seemed difficult. You cannot scratch absolutely nothing more than the video, nor a miserable unprecedented creature to take us to the mouth, but a good YouTuber flhy miniature expert and clicks , enigma it summarizes us to meet the fellow Pokémon of her in A STEAM future. There we will be, yes.

MAPI, leader of Gomio Pokémon

Of course the scarlet and purple Pokémon marketing is being a bit strange (we come from another 15-minute trailer in which we were dedicated to seeing how Pokémon snacks were made), but there is no better representation of Spain than that, than the rare, that halfway between the traditional and the histrionic (or horse) . Because yes, 25 years later and after dozens of deliveries, the franchise will set its new region (pale) in our country and will be loaded with winks to the local culture: that yes the sacred family a Pokemon gym , the mills of Ctilla on one of the new routes, the Almeria desert, the Plaza Mayor of Madrid (and its coffees with milk?), References to flamenco and Saudi ...

5+ We cannot have more desire to arrive at the next November 18 to put the glove to the games (and kick the s to MAPI / enigma ) in our Nintendo Switch .