All objects from Call of Duty MW2 NEYMAR JR

In Call of Duty MW2 and War zone 2, players can purchase various sets and cosmetic objects with different operatives. The NEYMAR JR package is now available in the game, and football lovers are glad to see that one of the largest superstars arrives in the game. In fact, Paul Pogba and Lionel Messi will also arrive in different sets during the first season. Here are all cosmetic objects, drawings and objects that players can get from the Neymar Jr. set to Call of Duty MW2 and War zone 2.


The price of the COD MW2 NEYMAR JR, cosmetics, drawings and much more

The NEYMAR JR package can be purchased at the Shop tab at a price of about 2400 COD's. In this set there are eight different objects, including one skin of the operator and two drawings of weapons. Weapons drawings are already equipped with nozzles, so it is convenient to use them from the very beginning. Drawings are configured, and you can experiment with various nozzles in an arms workshop. Here are all the items from the Neymar Jr Operator.

  • Skin Operator Neymar Jr.
  • All blows
  • Inspiring fear: drawing BAS-P SMG
  • Long ball: Drawing of a combat rifle SO-14
  • Ocean Gym: Car's face
  • Accelerated weapon
  • Neymar Jr 10 weapon amulet
  • Overtaking emblem

The skin of the Neymar Jr. operator and the final reception All the blows are the main points of this set. The Brazilian football star now has skins of characters in various games, including Fortnite and Call of Duty MW2. BAS-P SMG is a new weapon added to the combat pass of the first season, and players can get one of the best drawings for this weapon by buying a NEYMAR JR.

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