DRX, Yes24, 'Rolled Cup' winning 'win 5 posts talk'

2022 [ Park Yeo-jin reporter] E-sports company 'DR' and Korean bookstore brand 'Yes24' announced on the 8th that they will be carrying out 'DR 2022 Worlds Championship 5 TALK!' League of Legends (LOL) e-sports team DRX will be held until the 11th.

Yes24 expresses his impressions on the journey from DRX's Rolled Cup to winning, and leaves a comment. The prizes consisted of DRX DEFT autographed DRX 22'Summer uniform (1 person) ▲ YES24 X DRX limited edition key ring (5 people) ▲ yes24 x DRX limited edition keyboard fabric cover (15 people). The event can be participated through Yes24 official Instagram, and winners will be announced in the event post comment on the 16th.

King Jimmying, head of the Marketing Division, said, This SNS event has been planned to convey the hearts of fans for DRX players who have played their best.

Meanwhile, the DRX won the championship by defeating the T1 3-2 in the final round of the Rolled Cup 5th round held at the San Francisco Chase Center in the US on the 6th.

The DRX, which began with Seed No. 4 of '2022 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK)' and won the finals with a successive victory, won the first championship since the team's founding in 2014 and became the World Champion. DR 'DFT' player won the first championship in the career and won the title of the oldest winner in the history of the role Cup.