Elon Musk says goodbye to dozens of Twitter engineers

Although Elon Musk had mentioned that the dismissal period on Twitter had come to an end, it was recently revealed that more than 50 company employees have lost their job, since their code was not satisfactory.

According to a report by Alex Heath and Zoe Stiffer, journalists, on the night of Wednesday, November 23, prior to Thanksgiving, more than 50 Twitter employees received an email where it was pointed out that their work does not He met the needs of the company's new directive, and were dismissed immediately. This was what was said about it:

As a result of the recent code review exercise, it has been determined that your code is not satisfactory, and we regret informing you that your job on Twitter has been completed with immediate effect.

Although the mail did not have a firm, it has been pointed out that Musk was responsible for this message. As if that were not enough, other employees received an email as a warning, where it is mentioned that if their performance continues, they will be fired.


The purpose of this written performance warning is to call your attention to our concern regarding the quality of your ability to write code, and define for you the seriousness of the situation, so you can take immediate corrective measures. Keep in mind that not fulfilling expectations could result in the termination of your job. Take this opportunity to restore our trust and demonstrate your contributions to the team and the company.

Considering that this was carried out prior to a national break in the United States, employees did not take this news pleasantly, and it is very likely that more protests will be carried out in the next few days. Without a doubt, an event that continues to paint a negative image for the company. On related issues, the PS3 hacker has joined Twitter. Similarly, these are the best Twitter alternatives.

Editor's note:

Elon Musk continues to cut and cut his staff. Although Twitter has also begun a hiring process, considering the current situation of the company, I doubt that engineers are available to undergo work under the direction of Musk.


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