LOL: MAD Lions's gold cage and the conditions that Elyoya put to sign for Fnatic and G2

Many times, foot users claim that certain stories are told behind how a signing is forged or a movement for last minute changes is truncated in one of the negotiating parties. In this article, We are going to tell you the case of Eloy , one of the best jungles in the world of League of Legends and that could leave the MAD Lions team in this signing market.

According to Anonymous, the interest in Eloy of several LEC teams has been existing for a long time, and even a team from the European region came to put a whopping of 2.2 million of euros to get the services of the services of the services of the Spanish, but the organization owned by Overactive Media rejected the proposal. After being out of Worlds, Eloy expressed his desire to leave the entity, and from there, both G2 Esports and Fanatic tried to get their services.

In this particular career to sign the Spanish jungle, Both teams obtained the permission of Mad lions to negotiate the terms of their contract. As the negotiations advanced, everything indicated that we would see it in 2023 with another shirt, but finally stays in the whole that the lec was doubled in 2021.

Eloy's conditions to sign for Fanatic

Razor had made a great year, but if you can sign Eloy, there is a huge market opportunity for any pointer team in Europe. The conditions he demanded to sign for the British organization, was that Meet was the main coach of the team, and thus meet him again, and possibly with Spa.

The operation with FANATIC cooled, since the team's plan seems defined and, although it is not 100% confirmed, everything indicates that the Yamato stage is history, and that the new coach of the team will be the Portuguese Crusher , who directed the academy this year, rising with the title of Super League in the final of Seville against Bison 3-0, and that would have Chuck as the support of the team.

G2 has a total predisposition to sign it, but Mothers change plans

The team that needed the most to sign it was G2 . The Samurai discipline decided to dispense with Janos and with it, several negotiations began to acquire the services of Javier Grades. Progressively, G2 was making offers, that did not end up convincing Mothers since they considered them casualties.


The G2 template took a step forward and agreed to a salary reduction to have that extra money with making the offer for the amount requested by the lions so that the team incorporated into the Spanish jungle. The samurais fulfilled and made the formal offer within the deadline that MAD Lions imposed for her.

After a time of reflection, Mad Lions requested more money and rose from 800,000 euros to million, which made G2 retire from the bid, and therefore Eloy remains in the team the year than the year than the year than the year than the year than the year than the year than the year comes. In this way, eSports show us another version of the golden cages that have several teams and how complicated it can be sometimes that they let the players out, despite their willingness to fly and undertake new projects.