Nationalist flag in the cabin FIFA is investigated versus Serbian association

FFK is sharply sentenced to Serbia's aggressive method to the 2022 World Cup against the Republic of Kosovo, states a tweet of the association. The World Cup is an event of pleasure and unity, it should send out messages of hope and peace, no messages of hatred.

At the World Cup in Qatar there is difficulty about a nationalist flag that was hung and photographed in the altering space of the serbian team. Because the outlines of Kosovo amongst the Serbian nationwide colors can likewise be seen on this, fifa started investigations on Saturday.


what did the Gamers understand?

The Republic of Kosovo declared itself independent of Serbia in 2008. A majority of all nations likewise recognize this status. The Serbs continue to think about kosovo as part of their nation.

A Welder representative told the multimedia portal Dachshund that Veljkovic just found out about the photo after the game. When the Serbian players returned into the cabin, no flag would have hung there.

The picture was obviously taken in the cabin before the Brazil game (0: 2). No player can be seen on it, however the flag holds on the jerseys and lockers of protector Milos Veljkovic (Welder Bremen) and midfielder Andrea Novković (Park Salonika).


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