Sega La Lía and expels Blubius de Twitch by Sonic Frontiers, but h already recovered the account

Sonic When companies send a review code indicate the date of exit of the text or video, well the time at which the product in question can be played live. The Rubies, the popular streamer and influencer, received its copy of Sonic Frontiers and ran into an unexpected bathtub on Twitch . published on Twitter, Sega denounced it although in email indicated that clearly there is no embargo. Fortunately, he h already recovered his account and partner status.

Sega today sent me a Sonic Frontiers code. In the email they tell me that there is no embargo and that I can extremely. SEGA proceed to Banal Me de Twitch , Rubius said on Twitter. In the captures that accompany the tweet, the message of violation of copyright that Sega h denounced is shown, although in the email he says that there is no embargo to publish and other contents of the game. Later he h written the Next tweet: What Sonic takes away quickly, quickly returns it to you.

Contradictory emails

The former collaborator of Meditation, Pablo González Tabata, h indicated in response to this tweet that h been a fat paleo with this , so he h decided to stick to the guidelines of the first email of all for Avoid problems. He sures that he h received several that contradict him, although seen what h been seen maybe it is better to be prudent.

Everything seems to indicate that some type of misunderstanding h occurred during the Sonic Frontiers key delivery process. Sega is currently examining the problem internally, so they recommend waiting for November 8 to begin broadcting in European territory. In fact, Rubies h not been the only affected streamer , Eric Rodríguez h denounced that it h also happened to him.

I have a press key from the Frontiers, the embargo ended almost 3 hours ago and they just banned me for playing it live . Of course, the network h been filled with memes like these:

Sonic Frontiers is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch and PC. Read the analysis at Meditation and the reactions of the international press.